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Writing a dev.to blog post with VSCode

Today, I present you 📝 New Blog Post a simple way to create and publish dev.to blog posts from within Visual Studio Code.

To install the or search for 📝 New Blog Post in the extensions go to the marketplace https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=timdeschryver.new-blog-post.

The default template of this extension is the dev.to template. To create create a new blog post, right click in the explorer or use the command palette and select 📝 New Blog Post

Gif on how to create a new blog post

In order to be able to publish your post to dev.to, you have to first create an API access token. You can create one at https://dev.to/settings/account. Once you have your token copy paste the token in your VSCode settings with the post.publishToken setting:

  "post.publishToken": "jbVJ8mwfY2WrPUGfDWjx4xxB"

To add this to your config, search via the command palette for settings

When you have added the token to your settings, go back to your post and you can use the 🚀 Publish to dev.to command in the command palette.

Image showing how to publish to dev.to

I created this extension to get familiar with VSCode extensions.

Also, my workflow to write my blog posts is to:

To make it a little bit easier to myself, I think this extension is a good addition to save a few minutes 🙂.

For more info and the source code of this extension, go to the GitHub repo

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