Optimize your bundle size with source-map-explorer


Recently I was able to reduce the initial load of our Angular application from 2.8MB to 750kb (a 75% reduction!) in just a few minutes.

Using source-map-explorer I was able to detect eagerly loaded modules that should've been lazy loaded, and dependencies that could be moved or removed.

If you want to optimize your bundle size, run the following command (replace PROJECT-NAME) and analyze the main.js file to start your investigation.

This command should open a new browser window with the output details in which you can see all the included dependencies (from your own or 3rd parties).

The result of running source-map-explorer

Make sure that you've built your project with source-maps enabled. If that's not the case, either update your source map configation, or pass the --source-map option flag to the Angular build command.

For the next step, explore the remaining files and be attentive to what can be trimmed down.

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