Cypress to Playwright converters


Migrating from one test library to another can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, we can make it a smoother transition.

To help with this task I've encountered two similar tools that rewrite your Cypress code to its equivalent in Playwright.

The first of these tools is, and the second one (you should also check out the blog on this website for more goodies!).

On the websites, you can simply paste your Cypress code, and you'll receive the test cases rewritten in Playwright ✨. Just like that.

These tools can be used for a couple of reasons:

In short, the mentioned tools help you with the transition from Cypress to Playwright.

Side note: if you have a GitHub Copilot license you can also prompt your Copilot to migrate a test or file for you. In a small demo application, this worked out fine for me.

Here's a small example to give you an idea of a migration:

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