Big List of Naughty Strings


Does your application correctly handle all kinds of input correctly? Do you need some inspiration to test your application with some edge/special cases?

Look no further, the Big List of Naughty Strings is here to help you! There are different sets of inputs, from the boring "Reserved Strings" and "Special Characters" cases to the more interesting variants like "(Server and Client) Injections", "Unicode fonts", "Known CVEs and Vulnerabilities", "Special Filenames", and more.

Take a look at the repository and start copy-pasting some of the strings in your application, or use one of the libraries (e.g. NaughtyStrings for .NET, or blns for Node.js ) to automate this process.

Fun fact: I couldn't generate the banner for this bit (in various tools) because it contained a few naughty strings that broke the export.

For the entire set see big-list-of-naughty-strings/blns.txt, here's a small sample:

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